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Erasmus Student Network Las Palmas
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Erasmus Student Network Las Palmas es una asociación universitaria voluntaria sin fines de lucro, apolítica y no confesional, compuesta por miembros locales o nacionales basados ​​en la idea de "estudiantes ayudando a estudiantes". El objetivo es promover el desarrollo e integración de los estudiantes en su ciudad de intercambio, ofreciéndoles información y apoyo.

This allows the students to adapt better to their new environment and gives them the possibility to enjoy their stay in the best possible way helping in their integration. This is achieved by organizing activities that include social and cultural events such as trips to different cities in Spain, sport events, language exchanges, cultural visits, tutoring, international meals, tours, parties, film screenings, competitions, weekly meeting points, etc.

Check out our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/492520262100325/

our Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/esn_laspalmas/

Here you can find all the events that we organize and a lot of more useful information.

Contact email: [email protected]